On the Night Stand

Oh man!  It was probably an hour before I could wipe the silly grin from my face after reading this perfect confession from a genuine bibliophile.

In my early twenties there could be a storm outside or a light flurry, the red of tail lights would trail through foggy windows. I would sit and devour words. There is this strange sensation when you sit and read. The mind becomes clear, at least for me. These ideas present themselves, big ideas, things you are afraid to think about when you don’t want to be distracted. And then those ideas vanish and there’s a peace that settles. And you keep reading and then the imagination really kicks in. A city or a nature reserve can materialize in three dimensions.

Earlier this week I visited our local used book store with a friend and walked away with The Souls of Black Folk, Black Power, Bonhoeffer’s Christ The Center, a pictorial history of Bronzeville in the 1940’s and The Botany of Desire (a gift for Maggie on her birthday).

Last week I finished Notes from No Man’s Land, a collection of essays by Eula Biss that I cannot recommend highly enough.  On the nightstand is Peterson’s Practice Resurrection (to be reviewed here in the near future), Wayfaring: Essays Pleasant and Unpleasant by Alan Jacobs and a thorough and captivating  history of prohibition by Daniel Okrent, Last Call.

You can see why I relate with the bibliophile’s confession, though I suspect many of you do as well.  Have you read anything lately that we should add to our night stand stack?

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