The Multi-ethnic Church Conference

I’ve meant to mention the upcoming Multi-ethnic Church Conference a few times.  There’s still plenty of time to register and if you do so before Friday, October 8th the fee is only $99.00 (use code “MOSAIX10” for the discount).

I’m not a big conference guy and can’t make it out to San Diego November 2-3 for this one, but I feel strongly that this is an event folks should strongly consider attending.  I’ve had the good fortune of interacting with a number of the presenters- folks like Soong-Chan Rah, Efrem Smith, Paul Louis Metzger, David Olson and Mark DeYmaz– and I know their passion and commitment to the reconciling Gospel.

A lot of what we discuss on this blog- issues of race, ethnicity and the shifting American landscape- will have points of connection at this conference and I wish I could be there to join the conversation.  Please let us know if you attend and make sure to give us an overview after its over.

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