Best Burger: In-N-Out or Five Guys?

Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook I mentioned that I’d had my first Five Guys burger.  I’d heard from a couple of folks that this burger rivals and even surpasses the famous In-N-Out burger.  I spent my high school years in Southern California consuming In-N-Out hamburgers, fries and shakes so I take any claim of burger superiority very seriously.  Though it was a tasty burger with above average fries, I can now conclusively assert that In-N-Out makes the best burgers in the country.

I mentioned this to a friend this morning and he emailed me this infographic a few hours later.  It’s an attempt at objectivity, but I think the evidence points towards the west coast.

Burger WarsI’m a bit nervous to ask- not wanting to start any turf wars here- but does anyone want to weigh in on the Five Guys VS In-N-Out debate?  Or is there another lesser-known burger joint we should know about?

4 thoughts on “Best Burger: In-N-Out or Five Guys?

  1. I’ve had both, grew up with neither. In-N-Out is good, but I think Five Guys has beat on every level. The burgers are better with far more options (this is where In-N-Out is really lacking), and the fries aren’t even close. I enjoy In-N-Out when I’m out west, but I’d choose Five Guys every time.

  2. This isn’t difficult. In-N-Out wins the day. Everyday. I like Five Guys, but when I’m eating it, I’m wishing I was on the west coast, consuming what is undoubtedly the best of the two options.

    I would suggest you, pardon me, we go to Top Notch on 95th Street. They have good burgers to.

  3. In and Out is the Google of fast food…in a good way. Intentional simplicity. Their ‘lack of options’ is their enormous strength. It is the only fast food we do. Oh, and their employees are fairly compensated and get health insurance. Yeah for non-public companies who retain the right to optimize something other than profit margin. That is somewhere I want to eat.

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