Christ’s “mulatto” flesh

In short, Christ’s flesh as Jewish, covenantal flesh is a social-political reality displayed across time and space into which the Gentiles are received in praise of the God of Israel.  Given this, we must say that Christ’s flesh in its Jewish constitution is “mulatto” flesh.  That is to say, in being Jewish flesh it is always already intersected by the covenant with YHWH and in being intersected it is always already intraracial (and not merely multiracial).  Its purity is its “impurity,” which is the “impurity” of its being covenantally intersected by YHWH as its life-giving limit.

J. Kameron Carter interpreting Irenaeus in Race: A Theological Account.

3 thoughts on “Christ’s “mulatto” flesh

  1. I’ve been thinking A LOT about this same line of thinking.
    If we believe that Jesus ascended fully flesh (against a Docetic line of reasoning), then what we have “in heaven” is a God who is a Jewish carpenter (to stretch the metaphor a bit).
    So for us, I’m thinking, we ascend, resurrect in our ethnic distinctions. The implications for this, I think, are vast. Better start loving our skin color now because we will be that into eternity (sans all the racism and baggage).

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