The Racial Wealth Gap

Study after study shows that white families are more likely than blacks and Hispanics to enjoy certain economic advantages — even when their incomes are similar. Often it’s the subtle things: help from Mom and Dad with a down payment on a home or college tuition, or a tax break on money passed from one generation to the next.

From NPR: “Making It In The U.S.: More Than Just Hard Work”

One thought on “The Racial Wealth Gap

  1. What do we do with this?
    Try to create some sense of envy?
    Try to create some sense of unfairness – it should all be the same to be “fair”?
    Set up some kind of politically patronizing system so people of color always vote for the candidate that is most active in forced wealth redistribution? The death tax is a big one if you don’t have a powerful accountant and attorney. The government can get your whole farm or business if you are not careful. This is the most popular one. It really works for the politician but not for the people. They wind up supporting systems that reward sexual irresponsibility and killing their unborn results – thus seriously downgrading their moral and ethical framework for sound decision making and a sense of responsibility in all areas of life. The next generation is left with no support from gramps.

    For believers, who are more than just pew sitters, the amount of money we have or our parents have reflects nothing on our joy in life our our ability to be fruitful, laying up treasure in heaven where it counts.

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