the wonder of halloween

My friend Steve has some thoughts about Halloween over at rednoW.

I move in Christian circles where a lot of people really don’t like Halloween. They don’t like the fact that a lot of kids dress up like witches and ghosts. They don’t like the fact, urban myth or actual truth, that satanists use this night as a high holiday. They don’t like all the teeth rotting candy. So, they organize after school ‘harvest parties’ at the church social hall under neon lights and with carefully doled out and measured quantities of sweets and healthy snacks. I understand their concerns.

I’d like to offer a different perspective, however. I’ve got two daughters, 7 and 5. Currently they are in their third hour on a Sunday afternoon of drawing ‘maps’ of the neighborhood to map out their trick or treating strategy. Halloween is over three weeks away. They have been after me for weeks to find ‘fox’ and ‘bunny’ costume making directions online so we can make their costumes. They’ve also got plans for my costume.

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