Our new church launches this Sunday!

Talk about bitter-sweet!  Last Sunday, during our Easter service in Logan Square, those of us who are working to start New Community Covenant Church in Bronzeville were brought forward and commissioned for this ministry.  Some of the folks in this photo have been a part of New Community in Logan Square since the beginning, over eight years ago.  While most of us haven’t been around that long, it was certainly a sobering moment to look out at our church family and know that we wouldn’t see them next Sunday.

New Community Covenant Church Bronzeville

As sad as it is to be sent, I think we’re all excited that this time has come.  Most of us have worked hard for this moment for a year or longer and it’s clear that the time has come to take this next step.  It’s been simply amazing to watch what God has done over this past year; who can say what’s to come?

For those of you who are even remotely local, please consider this your invitation to the launch of our weekly services in Bronzeville this Sunday.  We meet at Drake Elementary School (2722 S. King Drive) at 11:30.

Here are a few ways to connect with our church:

New Community Coveant Church: Bronzeville

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update about our church planting efforts in Bronzeville.  We’re now less than a week from our first preview service and the excitement and to-do list are rapidly increasing.  Last night we spent some time walking and praying through Drake Elementary School where we’ll be holding our Sunday services.  It was almost surreal; after a year of planning, working and praying we were actually in the building.

Our website is in the process of being updated, but here are the important things:

  • Our first preview service is this Sunday at 11:30 at Drake (2722 S King Dr, Chicago).  The next two preview services will take place on February 28 and March 21.  (A “preview” service is simply a way for us to ease into weekly services.  It allows us to work out the kinks and have time to make adjustments between services.)
  • On Easter Sunday, 4/4, our church in Logan Square will commission and pray for all of us who are starting New Community Bronzeville.
  • The following Sunday, 4/11, we begin weekly services.

Those of you praying folk who read this blog, would you consider praying about the following?

  • For those who might encounter a loving God for the first time through this church.
  • For the amazing team of folks who are working so hard to make sure this comes together.
  • For opportunities to partner with the elementary school.  We’ve already begun talking with the administration about helping with tutoring and after-school programs.

The next few weeks promise to be hectic, so the blog may be somewhat quiet.  I promise to let you know how things go this coming Sunday.  And for those of you in the area, know you’re always welcome to stop by our new church on a Sunday.

photos from 2nd church plant event

A week ago Sunday we had our second training event for the New Community Bronzeville Launch Team.  This is the team of people who have come together to pray and work for the launch of our new church in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood.  It’s amazing and encouraging to look at these photos and realize the individuals and families who have come together to form this team.

Click through to see all six photos (even more can be found here), though you’ll have to agree that the last one is the best.  Thanks to Tony of Gavan Creative for these excellent shots.

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this weekend: christianity and consumerism

I’ve mentioned The Gospel and Culture Conference here a few times, but it’s worth pointing out again.  The conference begins this Friday evening, includes a picnic and session on Saturday evening, and wraps up on Sunday morning.  This is New Community’s first attempt at something like this, and I’m glad that Skye Jethani will be our inaugural guest teacher.

the gospel and culture conference

We’ve invited a number of Chicago churches to join us for the conference and we’re hopeful this weekend will be a time to meet new friends.  Our worship team will open each session and Friday and Saturday will feature a Q&A and refreshments.  New Community typically hosts a few summer picnics on Logan Boulevard and our first one will coincide with the conference, Saturday at 6:00.  The conference is free and open to anyone. Any Signs of Life readers going to make it?

Our guest teacher, Skye, has recently written The Divine Commodity, though we’d have invited him even if he wasn’t published.  I try to have lunch or coffee with Skye every few months because I know I’ll walk a smarter person.  Many of us are convinced that Consumerism as a way of life is antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus but Skye is one of the few people who is imagining a way for the American Church to be faithful in the midst of this type of culture.

If you’re around Chicago this weekend I hope you’ll join us.


church planting in bronzeville

It looks like church planting will be a major theme for me this year.  We are continuing to move forward with plans to plant New Community Bronzeville sometime- God willing- in early 2010.  Because some of us who are involved with this new church are not currently residents of Bronzeville, I asked some neighborhood experts to talk about the things they appreciate about their neighborhoods history, culture, and residents.  (Not sure why the video is so small; sorry about that.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We had another great event a few weeks ago to let folks know about this new church.  Karlos and Michelle (seen in the video) hosted the first event and this one was held at Bronzeville Coffee and Tea Inc.  Not only is this a great coffee shop in Bronzeville (good coffee, comfortable space with original artwork, and free wifi), they were wonderful hosts for the more than 50 folks who showed up for this event.  Those of you on the South Side need to check this place out.

If you are local and interested in this new church, please let me know.  Talking about New Community Bronzeville is one of my current favorite things to do.